Board Policies

Table of Contents

001-B-2007 Computers, Cell Phones, Message Manager, Calling Cards

002-B-2007 Annual Financial Audit

003-B-2007 Information the Board Requires

004-B-2007 Strategic Planning

005-B-2007 Absence of Board Members

006-B-2007 Communications

007-B-2007 Staff Recognition

008-B-2007 Board Appointed Representatives

009-B-2007 Calendar of Routine Board Events

010-B-2007 Risk Management

011-B-2007 Development Days for Board Members

012-B-2007 Electronic Decision Making

013-B-2007 Executive Director Performance Review


015-B-2007 Out of Scope Employee Contracts

016-B-2007 Budget Responsibilities

017-B-2007 Convention Delegate Selection

018-B-2007 Conflict of Interest

019-B-2007 Conduct and Confidentiality

020-B-2007 Negotiations

021-B-2008 Funding for Other Committee Positions

022-B-2009 Consent Agenda

023-B-2009 Corporate Sponsorship

024-B-2010 Building Solidarity with Board, Staff, Member Organizations

025-B-2010 Board Member Recognition

026-B-2011 Other Leaves While on Union Leave

027-B-2013 Representation at International Conferences/Events