Membership Policies

Table of Contents

001-M-2007 Database of SUN Membership

002-M-2007 Membership Information Confidentiality

003-M-2007 IAC Reports

004-M-2007 IAC Referral Appeals

005-M-2007 Discipline Appeals

006-M-2007 Legal Assistance for Disability Appeals

007-M-2007 Legal Assistance Fund for Professional Associations Referrals

008-M-2007 Grievance/Arbitration Appeals

009-M-2007 Participation at Designated Meetings

010-M-2007 Admittance to General Meetings

011-M-2007 Annual Meeting Banquet

012-M-2007 Fragrance/Smoke Free SUN Functions/Meetings

013-M-2007 Financial Report to the Annual Meeting

014-M-2007 Resolutions with Financial Components

015-M-2007 Reimbursement for Attendance at Affiliate Organizations

016-M-2007 Voting at Affiliate Conventions

017-M-2007 Interview Panels for the Employer

018-M-2007 Religious Objectors

019-M-2007 Provincial Membership Dues

020-M-2007 Member Attendance at Board Meetings

021-M-2007 Local or District Briefs

022-M-2007 Request for Minutes of Board of Directors Meetings

023-M-2007 Nominations/Elections

024-M-2007 Greylisting

025-M-2007 Local Negotiating Authority

026-M-2007 Education

027-M-2007 Office Personnel

028-M-2007 Administrative Supplies for Locals

029-M-2007 Life and Honourary Memberships and Allied Personnel

030-M-2007 Social Support

031-M-2007 President, First Vice-President Relocation

032-M-2007 President, First Vice President Compensation

033-M-2007 Payment when SUN Events Cancelled

034-M-2007 Out of Town Travel Related Advances

035-M-2007 SDC Funding

036-M-2007 Timelines for Internal Financial Transactions

037-M-2007 Investments

038-M-2007 Expense Reimbursements

039-M-2017 Annual Meeting & Bargaining Conference Funding

040-M-2007 Strike/Lockout Expectations

041-M-2008 Overtime Strike Action and Related Union Leave

042-M-2009 Expectations at Events

043-M-2009 Sector Designations

045-M-2010 SUN Scholarships

046-M-2010 Financial Obligations of Locals and SDCs

047-M-2010 SUN Member Recognition

048-M-2011 Other Leaves While on Union Leave

049-M-2012 Annual Meeting Schedule

050-M-2012 District Labour Council Support

051-M-2012 Preceptorship of Students

052-M-2012 Exceptional Travel Circumstances

053-M-2013 Bottled Water, Potable Water, Tap Water