Our Mission

SUN exists to enhance the social, economic and general well being of our members, and to protect high quality, publicly funded and delivered health services.

Our Vision

Healthy Members, Healthy Union, Healthy Communities

Our Values

Effective Advocacy – SUN believes our success is dependent upon our ability to be effective advocates for the rights and needs of our members and our patients.

Quality Health Care – SUN believes we have a vitally important stewardship role in protecting and enhancing high quality, accessible, comprehensive and publicly funded and delivered health care services.

Honesty and Integrity – SUN believes we must always uphold the integrity of nursing, and be honest and forthright in our interactions.

Respect and Understanding – SUN believes we must continually demonstrate respect and understanding in all of our interactions.

Accountability – SUN believes the Board must be accountable to members for its actions and results.

Inclusiveness and Diversity – SUN values inclusiveness, embraces diversity and strives to protect the rights of all.

Solidarity – SUN believes nurses benefit from solidarity which is enabled by strong trade union principles and by uniting our collective power.

Empowerment – SUN believes its members and staff must be supportive in their efforts to optimally achieve our mutual goals and objectives.