Mandatory Immunization

On November 28, 2012, the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) adopted a flawed Position Statement on Influenza Immunization of Registered Nurses in which they recommended:

  • “all registered nurses (RNs) should receive the influenza vaccine annually”; and
  • “policies that place immunization as a condition of service should be introduced.”

This position statement has been met with frustration and disappointment by the CFNU and member organizations.  SUN along with other member organizations have written to their registering bodies urging them not to support such a position.

Subsequent to contacting their professional regulatory body, BCNU and its members were successful in getting their Ministry of Health to rescind a provincial policy on immunizations for health care providers.

SUN is encouraging members to express their concerns regarding the CNA’s Position Statement.  For quick action visit the Ontario Nurses Association (ONA) website to send a letter to the CNA Board of Directors asking them to rescind their position on mandatory immunization.

Additional Information: 

Open letter to CNA members from President, Barb Mildon, RN

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