The province’s healthcare environment is changing rapidly - with budgetary restraints and a weakened economy difficult decisions are being made regarding hiring freezes, replacement, and position abolishment. To complicate matters further, we know that members continue to experience a lack of clear, well defined roles on the nursing team. Registered nurses are already feeling the strain of trying to provide high quality care with limited resources and, too often, with inadequate staffing levels. In addition, all of these factors are occurring in the context of provincial Health Authority  amalgamation. What this new system will look like, how it will function, and what impact the transition will have on registered nursing as a profession, are unanswered questions that directly contribute to the rising uncertainty and instability in our workplaces and in our communities.

Throughout it all, SUN will continue to represent you and your concerns in discussions with government, employers, and other key stakeholders. No matter the forum, SUN members can always  be certain their Union is giving them a voice. Patients and the public have always looked to registered nurses for support, guidance and leadership — especially in times of great uncertainty such as these — and, you, the members of SUN, have looked to your Union and each other for the strength you need to continue to advocate for them.

Registered nurses possess a unique and invaluable professional knowledge and expertise that patients, the public, and the entire healthcare team depend on. With all the changes coming our way, please always remember that your Union will continue striving to protect this trusted and critical role. As registered nurses, we recognize the importance of looking at healthcare holistically, whether it be for individual patients or the entire system. We understand that investing in models of care that prioritize safe staffing based on patient needs is the only path forward, and we know that there are already places in the system where more can be done to find savings without reducing frontline staff. It’s these areas of opportunity that need be our starting points, and it’s us, the registered nurses of this province, that need to lead the way.

During the 2017 Education Day and Annual Meeting, SUN will draw on your experience, your strength, and your passion as we focus on the key issues registered nurses are facing, as well as the risks and opportunities these external factors may hold. The Education Day and Annual Meeting are a great opportunity for SUN members to learn about the systemic, professional and political dynamics that are influencing the strategic work of the Union. All SUN members are encouraged to talk to their Local Executive about attending the Annual Meeting and Education Day.

See you in April in Regina.


Fragrance and Smoke Free Event:
Membership Policy 012-M-2007 – Business and banquet rooms at all SUN functions/meetings shall be maintained as smoke free and fragrance free environments.

This is a “Scent-Free” event to ensure a pleasurable environment for our members with allergies. Please refrain from wearing any scented colognes, lotions or hair products during the Annual Meeting and affiliated events.

Smoking is permitted in the areas designated by the Queensbury Convention Centre.