Call for Resolutions

Call for Resolutions and/or Bylaw Amendments 
Call for SUN Negotiations Committees Considerations

The SUN 2017 Annual Meeting is scheduled for April 26, 27, and the Constitution, Bylaws & Resolutions Committee, in accordance with Bylaw 6.04 (i), hereby calls for:

  1. Business Resolutions,
  2. Proposed Amendments to the Union’s Constitution and Bylaws, and
  3. Considerations for the SUN Negotiations Committees.

Resolutions on any matter affecting the operation and policy of the Union, its relationship to other organizations (labour, union or otherwise) and government, should be written on the enclosed CB&R form. Any matters pertaining to future bargaining considerations must be submitted on the appropriate form (enclosed). Each form must be signed by two members of the Union and submitted to reach the Regina office no later than:

1630 HOURS JANUARY 6, 2017

NOTE: Allow ample time if mailing - consider other means if you have slow mail service. Any forms that are faxed to the Regina SUN office must be followed up with a phone call to confirm the fax was received. The original must also be sent in to the Regina SUN office by mail.


Forms to download:


Forward Resolutions and Bylaw amendments to:

Constitution, Bylaws & Resolutions Committee
Saskatchewan Union of Nurses
2330 2nd Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan S4R 1A6

Regina Office Fax # 306-522-4612


Direction with respect to submission of Resolutions and Constitution/Bylaw amendments is contained in the SUN Constitution Article 7, and Bylaws 3.03 and 6.04.

In addition, the Committee adds these points:

  1. Resolutions should be worded in a concise, unambiguous and complete form in order that clear direction may be taken from them. Include only one idea or direction per Resolution. Preambles to Resolutions are not required. Please note that resolutions concerning Membership Policy require statement of intent only.
  2. On submitting a Constitution or Bylaw amendment, where such change has implication elsewhere in the Constitution or Bylaws, the member is responsible to also submit further amendments made necessary by the initial amendment. The Constitution and Bylaws cannot contain contradictory clauses.
  3. The mover may submit a brief rationale to be included in the CB&R Report.

In accordance with Membership Policy 014-M-2007, “All Annual Meeting resolutions with a financial component must be accompanied by cost allocation, upon submission.”