2018 Annual Meeting

April 25 & 26, 2018 |  Mosaic Place, Moose Jaw


Change - this seems to the new norm for us in healthcare.

We continue to see changes imposed through budget restrictions; changes to the practice environment, models of care, staffing and team dynamics. We have seen changes to legislation and of course, a new Premier. However, the biggest change we have seen this past year is that to our healthcare system with the introduction of the new Saskatchewan Health Authority – and we know, the changes won’t stop there.
As we sit in this never-ending state of flux and uncertainty, there is one thing that remains constant and true. Registered nurses continue to be leaders in healthcare. Registered nurses continue to fight for safe, high quality patient care. They continue to look for solutions and opportunities to be drivers of positive change in health and the care experience. Registered nurses continue to be innovators and forward-thinkers - not only looking to address immediate issues but looking to create long-term, sustainable solutions.
As the voice for over 10,000 registered nurses, SUN is inspired by these characteristics and strives to emulate these traits in everything we do. The question is, how do we stay strong and resolute when everything around us is so unclear? How do we continue to be fighters and leaders during a time of constant change? We do what we do best -we advocate, we defend, we lead, and we unite others as we strive for a healthier future and a stronger healthcare system.
During the 2018 Annual Meeting, we will continue to build a strong union as we discuss the resolutions and terms which govern us and the changing political and professional environments that impact us.

Together, we will learn to find strength and opportunity in being a leader during a time of change, and through it all, how to ensure we continue to be mindful and take care of our selves, as we build healthier members and a stronger union.


Fragrance and Smoke Free Event:
Membership Policy 012-M-2007 – Business and banquet rooms at all SUN functions/meetings shall be maintained as smoke free and fragrance free environments.

This is a “Scent-Free” event to ensure a pleasurable environment for our members with allergies. Please refrain from wearing any scented colognes, lotions or hair products during the Annual Meeting and affiliated events.

Smoking is permitted in the areas designated by Mosaic Place.