Tentative Annual Meeting Agenda

TENTATIVE AGENDA – As speakers and presentations are confirmed, our agenda will evolve. Please check back frequently to view a recent copy of the agenda; the final version will be presented at the Annual Meeting prior to the vote on the adoption of the agenda.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 – Business Day

0730 – 0900 Annual Meeting Registration
0815 – 0845   Constitution, Bylaws and Resolutions Committee - New Delegate Orientation
0900 Call to Order
  O Canada Video
  Greetings from Host City
  Appointment of Credentials Committee and Scrutineers
  Introductions: Board of Directors, Planning Committee, Guests, Parliamentarian
  Credentials Committee Report
  Approval of Agenda
  Approval of Minutes
  Disposition of 2017 Resolutions
  President’s Address
  First Vice President’s Report
  Auditor’s Report
  Lifetime Membership Presentation
  Nominations Committee – Elections Announcement
1000 Refreshment Break
1030 TBA
1200 Lunch (provided)
1300 Committee Reports:
  • Consitution, Byalws and Resolutions Committee
  • Program Committee
  • Nominations Committee
  Constitution, Bylaws and Resolutions - CB&R Committee
  Candle lighting in recognition of members who have lost their lives over the past year
1430 Refreshment Break
1500 Constitution, Bylaws and Resolutions - CB&R Committee
  Nominations Committee - Deadline for Nominations Forms
1600 Adjournment


Thursday, April 26, 2018 – Business Day

0830 - 0900 Annual Meeting Registration
0900 Call to Order
  Larry Hubich, SFL President
  Credentials Committee Report
  Linda Silas, CFNU President
1000 Refreshment Break
1030 Director's Report
1100 Nominations Committee - Elections
1200 Lunch (provided)
1300 Membership Survey Results
  Public Survey Results
1415 Refreshment Break
1430 New Business
  Unfinished Business
  Announcement of 2019 Annual Meeting date and Location
  Election results - Nominations Committee
  Introduction of Board of Directors - Nominations Committee
  President's Address