Tentative Agenda

TENTATIVE AGENDA – As speakers and presentations are confirmed, our agenda will evolve. Please check back frequently to view a recent copy of the agenda; the final version will be presented at the Annual Meeting prior to the vote on the adoption of the agenda.

Wednesday, April 25 Thursday, April 26

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 – Business Day

0730 – 0900 Annual Meeting Registration
0815 – 0845   Constitution, Bylaws and Resolutions Committee - New Delegate Orientation
0900 Call to Order
  O Canada Video
  Greetings from Host City
  Appointment of Credentials Committee and Scrutineers
  Introductions: Board of Directors, Planning Committee, Guests, Parliamentarian
  Credentials Committee Report
  Approval of Agenda
  Approval of Minutes
  Disposition of 2017 Resolutions
  President’s Address
  First Vice President’s Report
  Auditor’s Report
  Committee Reports:
  • Consitution, Byalws and Resolutions Committee
  • Program Committee
  • Nominations Committee
  Nominations Committee – Elections Announcement
1000 Refreshment Break
1030 Dr. Marlene Smadu
  Keynote Speaker: Gregg Brown "Leading Change, Building Resilience"
1200 Lunch (provided)
1300 Lifetime Membership Presentations
  Constitution, Bylaws and Resolutions - CB&R Committee
  Candle lighting in recognition of members who have lost their lives over the past year
1430 Refreshment Break
1500 Constitution, Bylaws and Resolutions - CB&R Committee
  Nominations Committee - Deadline for Nominations Forms
1600 Adjournment


Thursday, April 26, 2018 – Business Day

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0830 - 0900 Annual Meeting Registration
0900 Call to Order
  Larry Hubich, SFL President
  Linda Silas, CFNU President
  Credentials Committee Report
1000 Scott Livingstone, CEO, Saskatchewan Health Authority
  Sharon Garratt, Vice-President, Integrated Urban Health and Cheif Nursing Officer, Saskatchewan Health Authority
1015 Refreshment Break
1030 Director's Report
  Saskatchewan Association for Safe Workplaces in Health: "Violence Prevention Framework"
1130 Nominations Committee - Elections
1200 Lunch (provided)
1300 Keynote Speaker: Nova Browning Rutherford "The Power of One Person"
1400 Refreshment Break
1415 New Business
  Unfinished Business
  Announcement of 2019 Annual Meeting date and location
  Election results - Nominations Committee
  Introduction of Board of Directors - Nominations Committee
  President's Address