Parking around Mosaic Place is limited . Members are encouraged to take advantage of the spring weather and walk to the venue, if within a reasonable walking distance, or car pool with your fellow SUN members.

Members are reminded to be mindful of parking around local businesses and associated parking lots, as well as any City of Moose Jaw parking restrictions that may be in effect.

Parking is located in the High Street Parking Lot across from Safeway (56 Open Spots) and surrounding areas of Mosaic Place. There is also 10 handicap parking stalls located in our High Street Parking lot.


Metered Parking

There are both metered and non-metered parking spots within 500m of Mosaic Place; please take note of any time limits. Metered spaces are free of charge for evening and weekend events at Mosaic Place. Out of town visitors can get free meter parking passes from Moose Jaw City Hall. (Click the image below for a PDF file of the map).


Parking Lots

SUN has rented two (2) parking lots for member use - free of charge. Both lots are located on 1st Ave NW, directly across from the main doors of Mosaic Place. Entrances are off River Street W which runs between the two lots. Space is limited in both lots. (Screen shot provided below; click on image to use Google Maps)