2019 Annual Meeting

WORLD TRADE CENTER (WTC) Saskatoon at Prairieland Park

April 9  |  Education Day
April 10 & 11  |  Business Meeting

The future of healthcare in Saskatchewan is overshadowed with uncertainty and confusion; however, the commitment of SUN members to patient safety and and the commitment of SUN leaders to protecting members’ rights during these unsettled times remains unwavered.

The people of Saskatchewan trust registered nurses and expect us to guide and lead them through a confusing system during their most vulnerable moments. They expect and rely on registered nurses to identify issues and fuel the need for change to improve their patient care experience and the quality of care they receive.

These are high expectations that registered nurses continue to exceed through their compassion, dedication, resilience, discipline and leadership.

The 2019 Education Day (April 9) plenary will showcase presenters who will:

  • provide honest dialogue regarding truth and reconciliation and the role we play as professionals and citizens enacting the TRC recommendations;
  • discuss professional and personal resiliency to overcome challenges and take advantage of opportunities that come our way; and
  • speak to building capacity for first responders to assess and respond effectively to disclosures of sexual assault and sexual abuse.

On April 10 & 11 we will turn our focus to strengthening our collective voice and streamlining union processes during the business portion of the Annual Meeting.

See you in Saskatoon – April 9 - 11!


Fragrance and Smoke Free Event:
Membership Policy 012-M-2007 – Business and banquet rooms at all SUN functions/meetings shall be maintained as smoke free and fragrance free environments.

This is a “Scent-Free” event to ensure a pleasurable environment for our members with allergies. Please refrain from wearing any scented colognes, lotions or hair products during the Annual Meeting and affiliated events.

Smoking is permitted in the areas designated by Mosaic Place.