Saskatoon Base Hospitals By-Election

Ticket of Nominations

On April 29, the Nominations Committee issued a call for nominations in response to the by-election for the Saskatoon Base Hospitals Representative. Nominations closed at noon on Monday, May 13, with the Nominations Committee receiving three (3) nominations.


Polls will open at 0900 on Monday, May 27 and close Friday, June 7 at 1200.

Voting instructions will be distributed to all eligible voters by email and standard mail delivery to the mailing address on file, on or around May 27.

If eligible voters do not receive their voting instructions by May 30th, please contact SUN Provincial at 1-833-SUN-VOTE (1-833-786-8683).


The candidates for the Saskatoon Base Hospitals Representative on the SUN Board of Directors (1 year term) are:

Candidate: Jan Dziadyk - Local 75, Royal University Hospital, Saskatoon

My name is JAN DZIADYK Registered nurse working at RUH and SPH for almost 40 years. I am submitting my name for Base Hospital Representative for Saskatoon. I have worked mostly at RUH except while with ACAS I also work some at SPH.I have worked as a ward rep at RUH over the last 25-30 years on various wards and now ACAS.I have also worked as an Executive member of local#75 for ~20 years which I stepped down from this past fall. I am currently on a second term for the provincial bargaining committee and enjoying it immensely .I feel with my work with the union as a rep, executive member, negotiating committee member, and my 40 years as a Registered nurse with experience in many different specialties and wards, all this will allow me to settle in quickly as a board member into a very short (less than a year) term. I believe I am up to the challenge and the task at hand. Please vote for me as I will do a GOOD JOB for Saskatoon Base hospitals. Jan Dziadyk Reg. Nurse


Candidate: Nicole Neufeld - Local 101, St. Paul's Hospital, Saskatoon

I am honored to have this opportunity to let my name stand for Saskatoon Base Hospital Representative. 

I have been active in the Union for over 20 years, taking on many different roles and responsibilities along the way.

In 2005, I took a position in the ER at SPH, where I still currently work. It was here I was elected Local secretary and where my union activism truly started taking flight, laying a firm foundation for where I am today.

At the 2011 SUN AGM, I let my name stand for Saskatoon Base Hospital’s representative on the Negotiation’s Committee and spent the next year-and-a-half collaborating within this committee, SUN leaders, and the Government, learning organizational structure and contract interpretation.

With the signing of the 2012 CBA, I had not only gained a better understanding of the CBA, but a new appreciation for SUN as an organization and the importance of getting involved. It was due to the leadership of the Union at this time, where I came to truly understand what is meant by "A Union is only as strong as its members".

I became the Local president of St. Paul’s Hospital in 2013. Through this position I have been given the opportunity to join various committees and work collaboratively to support and guide fellow Union members.

I look forward to this new challenge and the opportunity to continue growing as a SUN advocate and being your voice for the issues you face in the workplace.

In Solidarity,
Nicole Neufeld


Candidate: Lori Powell - Local 75, Royal University Hospital, Saskatoon

I, Lori Powell work at RUH as a float pool registered nurse in five challenging acute care areas. I enjoy variety, learning and challenging myself daily. I am an active member of Local 75 and was the first Local 75 Junior Executive member from 2016-2018. This opportunity allowed me to shadow each Executive member, enhancing my understanding of our union. I am currently a ward representative and OHS Executive chair for Local 75. I have attended several SUN education days, Healthcare Summits, and Union Conferences.  I would like to continue to learn, grow, and challenge myself to create a positive impact at the provincial level. As Saskatoon Base Hospital representative I would commit to attending local meetings at all three sites. I believe involvement, engagement, communication and teamwork are needed most in order to make this position successful. Creating a cohesive and collaborative approach to bringing forth the ideals of all three sites would become my objective. I believe this position reaches far beyond a single local and is designed to represent the needs of ALL Saskatoon Hospitals. I am a proud Registered Nurse, strong vocal advocate and a leader for positive change. I would like the opportunity to become your voice, bringing forward our successes and challenges. I will commit to putting forth the needed time and dedication required to succeed in this role. It would be an honour to become YOUR Saskatoon Base Hospital Representative and I thank you for your support.


*As per Membership Policy 023-M-2007, photos and position statements have not been edited and are posted as submitted.