Position Statements: CB&R Committee

As per Membership Policy 023--M-2007, nominees for a position on a Committee shall provide a position statement of a maximum of 150 words.
Editing of statements will not be done by SUN staff or committees. If the position statement exceeds the
maximum allowable words, the additional words will not be printed.

Candidates for CB&R COMMITTEE

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Teryn Fisher, Local 68

I have been an RN for 6 years working at the Moose Jaw Hospitals, presently at the Dr FH Wigmore Regional Hospital. I became involved in the union shortly after graduating, I am active in my local I am presently a representative for the occupational health and safety at our workplace. 4 years ago, I became a committee member of the young worker’s (YW) with the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL), 2 years ago I became the young worker’s Vice President. As I am now aging out of the young worker’s role, I am looking forward to becoming more active in our provincial union. I am extremely interested at the opportunity to be a part of the Constitution, bylaws & resolutions Committee. I Look forward to working on this committee to learn more about our constitution and bylaws. I am looking forward to working on this committee.

Valerie Georget, Local 75

I am Valerie Georget a proud registered nurse working at RUH in the float pool. I am an active member of Local 75 and currently am the PR & Education chair. Learning about our union and sharing my knowledge is a passion of mine. My roll allows me to provide members with increased education and information both formally and informally about our union. I would like to join the constitution, bylaws and resolutions committee to enhance my current knowledge base and infuse our members with this newly acquired information. Knowledge is powerful and I am committed to empowering and educating others to the best of my ability. I know I would excel in this opportunity and would proudly become an active member on the committee. Thank you for considering me for the opportunity to join the constitution, bylaws and resolutions committee.

Rachel Hyatt-Hiebert, Local 69

My name is Rachel Hyatt-Hiebert.

I am running for a term on the Constitution, Bylaws and Resolutions Committee. I currently sit on the committee as Chair and feel that I have experienced tremendous growth personally and professionally through my work on this committee. I also serve at the local level as the president of Local 69 in Swift Current. I feel I continue to have alot to offer the Committee in terms of knowledge and dedication. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve the membership in this capacity.

Rachel Hyatt-Hiebert, Local 69

Crystal Kuras, Local 14

My name is Crystal Kuras and I am running for the Constitution, Bylaws and Resolutions Committee. I have been a registered nurse for 10 years working as a long term care nurse and am currently in acute care. I have been our local  president and continue to be active on our SDC as our Secretary/Treasurer.

I have sat on the CB& R committee for 3 years and have enjoyed the challenges and found surprising rewards in a successful day of debate and dialogue with my fellow committee members.  I believe the CB & R committee is important part of our union as it provides a channel for grass roots members to get their ideas in front of the union as a whole.

Thank you for considering me to continue this important work.

Crystal Kuras
SUN Local 14
Tisdale Hospital

Candace Lahoda, Local 75

I graduated from the NEPS program in 2010. Since then I’ve worked in urban and rural settings, and have learnt from many wonderful nurses along the way. I am currently employed at the Royal University Hospital on both the Neurosciences Unit, and at the Dube Centre for Mental Health. My involvement in the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses ranges from being a new ward rep on a local level, to being involved on a provincial level as a past member of the Program Committee, and most recently on the CB&R Committee. I have also had the pleasure of serving on your Planning Committee for our upcoming 2019 AGM in Saskatoon. I thoroughly enjoy my work with the Union and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to continue working for you on the Constitution, Bylaws, and Resolutions Committee. Thank you for your consideration.

Amanda (Mandi) Senger, Local 75

My name is Mandi Senger and I am a Registered Nurse working at RUH in the float pool. I am a ward representative and I am an active member of Local 75. I currently hold the position of Junior Executive Member. Throughout my nursing education I was active on my student council filling the roles of president and academic vice president. Leading and supporting others with knowledge has been and continues to be my passion. In my current Local 75 roles I have begun acquiring increased knowledge and understanding of our union and its many functions. I am excited to continue my learning and participate in committee level learning. Developing an understanding of our current bylaws and constitutions along with their application is of interest to me. Resolutions have always been of interest to me and would be a personal challenge to comprehend and apply. Thank you for your consideration.

Kushal Sharma, Local 107

Hello SUN members, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Kushal Sharma and I work at City Hospital on a surgical floor, in Saskatoon which is Local 107. Ask anyone who knows me and they will say I am an honest and down-to-earth guy. I have a strong belief in listening to other people’s perspectives and opinions, providing quality education and keeping involved in matters that directly impact our lives. I have been actively involved in the union for more than 6 years now since my first introduction to union activity and is currently severing on CB&R committee. I am seeking support from all of you to be elected again on the CB&R committee so that I can continue to help protect and advance the interests of all the union members. It would be an honor to represent you, my esteemed colleagues in this endeavor.