Position Statement - Lynne Eikel

As our new RHA changes, it will be important for the leadership within SUN Provincial to be cohesive and responsive to the rapidly changing environment in Saskatchewan. With the Strategic Direction that the Board of Directors determined in May of 2017, we set the direction that will take this organization forward for the next year. We are a strong organization and one that is enviable to many. We are leaders and speak out for the safety of our patients in the province. We understand and recognize the issues that nursing is facing professionally so we are also the voice for our profession regarding our scope of practice. This can be a time to recognize the opportunities we must take as RN’s, RPN’ s and NP’s. As members of SUN we have a voice and we can feel supported to speak up. Your voice is important and imperative to the strength of SUN and we must welcome old and new with the goal of solidarity.

As your Region 6 representative your vote would ensure the vision the SUN BOD developed is fulfilled and solidified. I have enjoyed connecting with members over my term and my goal is to continue to connect with members and to support you within your locals and workplaces. Serving you has been a privilege. I would like to continue doing so.

In Solidarity,


Lynne Eikel RN