Position Statements: Nominations Committee

As per Membership Policy 023--M-2007, nominees for a position on a Committee shall provide a position statement of a maximum of 150 words.
Editing of statements will not be done by SUN staff or committees. If the position statement exceeds the
maximum allowable words, the additional words will not be printed.


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Trudy Derkach, Local 266

My name is Trudy Derkach and I currently work as a temporary full time RPN on the Yorkton Mental Health Centre Inpatient Unit. At present I do not hold any elected positions within the union but am an active advocate within our local. I am eager to learn more about what our union has to offer and what I can do to promote and support our organization and its members. I am interested in joining the nominations committee as it will allow me to gain new experiences and knowledge in relation to SUN and the process behind electing our representatives. I am energetic and ambitious and believe my presence on the nominations committee would allow me to use those strengths in support of this important organization.

Gail Kizlyk, Local 75

I have been serving as a Registered Nurse working in Neonatal Intensive Care at Royal University Hospital for 11 years. In this time, I have worked bedside, charge and am currently a transport nurse. Additionally, I have been involved with SUN Local 75 for 11 years as a unit rep for NICU. Also, I have served as a member of the NAC Committee. For the past 2 years I have been the PR & Education Chair on the Local 75 executive and was recently elected as Vice President.

I am a current member of the provincial nominations committee. We have done some exciting things this past year moving away from paper voting and I would love to continue to work and learn on this committee. Thank You!

Gail Kizlyk RN

Shannon Mychan, Local 62

Hello Sun Members

My name is Shannon Mychan and I am running for a position on the Nominations Committee.  I have been on the Committee for the last seven years and have enjoyed working with fellow committee members Gail Kizlyk and Garth Wright.  The work is interesting, job satisfaction is great and the friendships we have created are wonderful. The position allows me to see the inner workings of the union.

I am employed at Victoria Hospital, Local 62 Prince Albert.  I am presently working in the Maternal Visiting Program based out of the Obstetrical unit at Victoria Hospital. 

At present I hold no positions at the local level but have been a ward rep and president of our local NAC in the past.

I am looking forward to continuing my work on the committee if I am elected.

Yours in solidarity,

Shannon Mychan

Garth Wright, Local 276

For all the SUN Members who have taken time to read this Position Statement, thank you.

I’ve been Nursing since 1992 in Regina. I’ve worked in Long Term Care and Critical Care and most recently in Information Technology as an RN.

I’ve been on the Nominations Committee since 2008, and the Chair of the Nominations Committee for 6 years.

The work has been interesting and rewarding, but there are changes that have been moving through the committee that I would like to complete.

 There is a new voting technology that I am looking forward to supporting when the Annual Meeting comes in April. The SUN office staff have organized a new improvement for elections that supports new technology and I would like to be on the committee for the next term to complete that work.

Thank you for voting for me.

Garth Wright RN