Position Statement - Pat F. Smith

I have been nominated for the SUN BOD Region 6 position.

RPN since 1983. Employed at Porteous Lodge since March 1989.

My years involved in SUN have given me experience, leadership skills, and knowledge to effectively represent our members .

It would be my honour and great privilege to do so.

My union involvement includes:

  • Local: President 2002 - present. Treasurer 2014 - present. OH&S. NAC.
  • SDC: Local Rep 2009 - present. Treasurer 2011- 2017.
  • Provincial: CB&R 2009 - 2014. BOD Region 6 2014 - 2016 . Negotiation Committee.

Members for the members started SUN.

We must listen to our members and get back to what they want / need .

I feel I can make the difference and bridge the gap between SUN and our members by having open, honest, direct conversations.

We must work together to address the upcoming challenges and uncertain future. We will need each other more than ever!

My goals:

Increase communication between locals and board.

Devote my attention to SUN members by increasing my availability to support and representing our members.

Attend local and provincial meetings to assist/support our members to deal with their issues.

I am committed to work for you and to represent the best interests of our members. Please invite me to a local meeting or "Meet and Greet" session!

I would appreciate your support. Thank you in advance!

Contact me any time: 306-653-1110


Check my Face Book Page:

Pat Smith for SUN BOD Region 6