Position Statements: Second Vice-President

As per Membership Policy 023--M-2007, nominees for the Vice-President positions, shall provide a position statement (max. 500 words) and a current photo, preferably in black and white.

Editing of statements will not be done by SUN staff or committees. If the position statement exceeds the
maximum allowable words, the additional words will not be printed.


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Mark Henderson, Local 75

Hello SUN members

I am asking for your support as I seek election to the position of SUN 2nd Vice-President. I am honored to have been able to represent member interests on the Board of Directors for the last 5 years as the Saskatoon Base Hospital representative. In each of my terms on the Board I have committed my best to represent the interests of all members with integrity and professionalism. My 9+ years a Local 75 president, SDC (past chair) and provincial finance committee member have added a depth of understanding regarding member and organizational issues facing us daily.

Bargaining principles I endorse:

I believe that Nurses should be paid salaries and provided benefits that recognize their invaluable contribution to health care. I believe in Safe Staffing levels and evidence based workloads. I believe in putting a STOP to violence in the workplace (physical and psychological). I believe in improved employer paid education leave, mandatory education programs and right to refuse to practice in breach of our professional standards (ie ban on hallway nursing, or admission to inappropriate working or care environments). I believe there are concerns you have that I need to be made aware of...your input is crucial as SUN develops new strategies and principles to support each and every working member.

In our province over the last year we have witnessed change unlike anything in our history. Moving from Health Regions to a single Health authority has been and continues to be extremely challenging for members. I am proud of the work SUN has been doing daily to support nurses. I want to be part of a leadership team that stands up for Nurses. There are challenges ahead, I want to advance our right to collective bargaining and put stronger language in our Collective Agreement regarding employee (member) rights. I am not interested in “take aways” rather, I want to strengthen SUNs position at the bargaining table.

I look forward to meeting with you at SUN events and invite you to contact or approach me anytime to discuss our organizational needs.

In Solidarity

Mark Henderson, RN
Saskatoon Base Hospital Representative
Saskatchewan Union of Nurses.

Nicole Neufeld, Local 101

I am honored to have this opportunity to let my name stand for Second Vice President for SUN.

I entered the nursing program in 1998 and shortly after gave birth to my first son, all while working as a SCA at SCC. This position introduced me into a union and like many new members, I did not get involved until the employer tried to deviate from the CBA.

I went on to obtain my degree from the U of S in 2002 and welcomed my second son a few months later. I transitioned into my new role as an RN, working on Ortho at RUH, attending local meetings, provincial conferences and AGM’s. Throughout the next three years, I became more involved with encouragement of SUN members and observing some of management’s disregard for the CBA.

In 2005, I took a position in the ER at SPH and it was here that my union activism started to take flight. Within the first three years, I had been getting more involved until I took the role as Local secretary, which laid a firm foundation for where I am today.

While at the 2011 SUN AGM, there was a vacancy for Saskatoon Base Hospital Rep on Negotiations. With much encouragement, I let my name stand and was about to venture in unfamiliar territory as the newly elected representative. I can recall the nervousness I felt, as I stood in front of almost five hundred of my peers, who seemed to have more faith in me than I had in myself at the time.

I spent the next year-and-a-half collaborating with the committee, SUN leaders, and Government learning organizational structure and diving into contract interpretation. During this time, I had also added to my work portfolio Nurse Educator at SCH and Clinical Instructor for the College of Nursing. Although one may say taking on all these responsibilities simultaneously would be overwhelming, it was due to my strong passion for Nursing, the support of family and peers, and a strong work ethic that contributed to the success of these endeavours.

With the signing of the 2012 CBA, I had not only gained a better understanding of the CBA, but a new appreciation for SUN as an organization and the importance of getting involved. It was due to the leadership of the Union at this time, where I also came to truly understand what is meant by “The Union is only as strong as its members”.

I became the Local president in 2013 at SPH through a process know as “voluntold”. One of my mentors was looking to step down and felt it was time for me to take on the role. I am honored to have been chosen and thank her sincerely for the opportunity and the support. It is in this position, that I have grown as a union activist, working collaboratively to support and guide fellow Union members.

I am looking forward to this new venture and hope I can count on your

Jason Parkvold, Local 43

Hello SUN members

My name is Jason Parkvold and I am running for the Second Vice President position. I am currently the Region 3 rep on the SUN board. I have enjoyed the challenge of being a Region rep and all the work that comes along with that role. I represent a mostly rural region, this has given me exposure to a wide variety of nursing ideas and an understanding of rural nursing. My experience on the Policy, Governance, CB&R, Executive and Joint Job Evaluation committees has allowed me to understand many of the internal workings of SUN.

Members that I have worked with will tell you I am a union activist and a political junkie. I also have a good understanding of the collective agreement and labour relations. Paraphrasing a line from Linda Silas CFNU president “it’s because I have never forgotten I have 10,000 people that I work for. I may not have lived your experience, but I will do everything I can to assist you through your issues”. I am running because I am ready to take on a new challenge in SUN. Collective Bargaining is the core activity on the union and I am ready to step up to be the Chair of the Bargaining committee.

This is a challenge I have been preparing for a while. I have participated in workshops that prepare you for collective bargaining. I look back to events throughout this country that have shaped the labour movement. The right to safety at work, the right to earn a living wage, to have paid leaves and maternal/parental benefits are just a few examples of collective bargaining successes. This one act allows us to have a sense of the collective and leaves us not facing adversity alone. Has collective bargaining fixed all the issues within the workplace...no. Has it made the working lives that we now have compared to our parents lives better...yes!

I am committed to working with members to make sure their collective agreement rights are protected. I will work with SUN’s stakeholders to ensure that members abilities to practice to their professional standards will remain my primary focus. I am committed to make sure that patient safety is the lens we look through when we are working towards goals in the future.

I am asking for your support

Jason Parkvold