External Education Opportunities

SUN’s provides its’ membership the opportunity to expand their knowledge, build confidence and generate solidarity with other unionized workers by funding members to External Labour Education Events.

External education events focus on a variety of topics ranging from occupational health and safety, gender equality, human rights, labour law, union activism, leadership skills, connecting with the next generation and so much more.

Funding Opportunities


SUN is currently accepting applications for funding for the following external educationals. For more information on each event (if available), click on the event title below.


How to Apply for Provincial Funding to Attend External Educationals

Funding is available for members to attend the following events:

  • SFL/CLC Spring School - 6 members
  • Prairie School for Union Women - 6 members
  • SFL OH&S Conference - 24 members

Selection of funded members to external events will be done by random selection.  Preference will be given to those members who have not been provincially funded to attend an external educational in the past two years.

If you are interested in applying for provincial funding to attend one of the events listed below, the deadline is 1200 hours on March 22, 2019 .  Please click the appropriate link below to access the online application form(s):

The SFL OH&S Conference is scheduled for September 11-13; therefore, the application for funding to attend that conference will not be available until June 2019.  Information will be sent out to members at that time, advising of the deadline for funding application.


Members Who Are Randomly Selected for Provincial Funding

Members that are selected for provincial funding will be contacted by email by the SUN office by March 25th. Please watch for this email as you will be required to RSVP by March 27th that you intend to accept the funding.
The SUN office will register and pay the early-bird registration fee for members who are selected and accept the funding. If further information is required to complete the registration form, you will be contacted by SUN.
Membership Policy 026-M-2007 outlines funding provided to external educational events and in some cases, provisions vary from event to event. The general funding provisions per event are outlined as below:


If you have questions regarding funding provisions or selection process, please contact Denise Dick, First Vice-President at denise.dick@sun-nurses.sk.ca or 306-525-1666.