The SUN Board of Directors encourages SUN members to participate in union education opportunities. SUN's Internal/External Education Funding Policy applies to internal events organized and delivered by SUN or those organized and delivered by other labour organizations such as the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) and the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC).

As per Membership Policy 038-M-2007, Provinical funding to attend Internal/External Education events includes:


  • SUN will provide funding for the actual days of the event only.
  • For days you are scheduled to work during the event, the Employer will pay you directly.  SUN will then reimburse your Employer for the appropriate shifts of the event you were in attendance.  NOTE:  This is referred to as paid Union Leave or Income Continuance.
  • For days you are attending the event on a day off, SUN Provincial will pay you directly for eight (8)  hours per day of attendance of the event.  NOTE:  this is called Direct Billing.
  • If a member is Direct Billing SUN, a completed TD1 form will  be required if not already on file with SUN
  • Travel time will not be compensated


  • Kilometerage will be paid for travel in excess of 50 kms one-way as determined annually by the Board of Directors in the budget.


  • Members are responsible to book and pay for their own accommodations, unless accommodation is included in  the registration fee.   Please submit your hotel receipt with your expense claim form for reimbursement.
  • Accommodations will be reimbursed based on shared accommodations.  Room share partners must be identified on your expense claim form.  If you do not wish to share a standard room with another SUN member, SUN will reimburse you for half of the room costs.


  • Members shall be paid a per diem meal allowance for each 24 hour period they are away  on approved union business and for periods of less than 24 hours members shall be paid the  identified rate for each meal required.  In province and out of province meal rates shall be determined annually in the budget.  (Membership Policy 038-M-2007)
  • Reimbursement will not be provided for meals included with the event.
  • If staying in a hotel, any in-room dining charges must be reconciled on check out.

Other expenses

  • When applicable SUN will cover the early bird registration fee.
  • Parking for each day of the event
  • Participants are encouraged to approach their Local Executive for those expenses not covered by  SUN Provincial.