The SUN Board of Directors encourages SUN members to participate in union education opportunities. SUN's Internal/External Education Funding Policy applies to internal events organized and delivered by SUN or those organized and delivered by other labour organizations such as the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) and the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC).

Internal/External Education Funding  (Membership Policy  038-M-2007)

Internal/External Education

Members attending education programs that have been approved in the budget shall be paid income continuance up to twelve (12) hours or receive eight (8) hours pay if attending program on a day off.

Travel (a) and (b) shall also be paid.

Expectations of SUN Members at Internal or External Events  (Membership Policy 042-M-2009)

In order for SUN members to receive full funding:

  1. SUN members are expected to attend all portions of the meeting, workshop, school or convention. If for any reason the member must be absent for a portion of the event, it is the member’s responsibility to notify the President, SUN caucus chairperson or the Education Officer. Members are expected to provide notification as soon as possible.
  2. SUN members attending funded events are expected to participate in the assigned work.
  3. SUN members attending conferences are expected to submit a written report to SUN Board of Directors within six (6) weeks.
  4. SUN also encourages SUN members to share information they have obtained from their learning opportunity with other SUN members in locals or SDC.