Program Levels

The 2017 Education Conference: You nad Your Union offers three levels of education for members to choose from based on varying levels of experience.

LEVEL 1: Getting Started

Target audience: SUN members who are new to union education and/or new to nursing and/or new to participating in SUN.

Our goal is to provide information that every SUN member should know about their:

  • role as a SUN member and as a registered nurse,
  • workplace rights, and
  • union rights.

LEVEL 2: Knowledge Leads to Action

Target audience: SUN members who have some basic knowledge and skills and are interested in knowing more and taking on a more supportive role in their workplace and in their Union.

Our goal is to create a level of confidence that will make members more comfortable taking on an active role in their workplace and Union.

LEVEL 3: Maximizing Your Potential

Target audience: SUN members who are currently active in their Union and/or workplace by taking on a leadership role, acting as a mentor or acting in a supportive role.

Our goal is to provide linkages to the bigger picture events that affect SUN members’ work lives and how healthcare is delivered, as well as developing well informed active SUN members working together to make positive changes.

NOTE: In order to foster member engagement and support emerging leaders within SUN, preference will be given to members who are continuing through the program; placement of members wishing to repeat a level will be accepted on a case by case basis.


For inquiries concerning the 2017 Education Conference, please contact Jean Sinclair, Education Officer at