Internal Education Funding Policy

As per Membership Policy 026-M-2007, approved funding to attend internal education events shall cover the actual days of the event and shall be limited to:
SUN will provide funding for the actual days of the event or as determined by budget preparation.
Salary reimbursement shall be categorized as:
For scheduled shifts (paid Union Leaves): The Employer pays you directly and SUN reimburses your Employer for one shift per day of the event you are attending.
If attending on a day off, SUN Provincial pays you directly for 8 hours per day of attendance (a TD1 on file at SUN Provincial is required; forms are available from SUN Provincial).
Roundtrip kilometrage shall be paid to members who must travel in excess of 50 kms (one-way) at a rate determined annually by the Board of Directors in the budget. Carpooling is encouraged.
As per Membership Policy 038-M-2007, travel time will not be compensated.
As per Membership Policy 038-M-2007, travel in “lieu of hotel” arrangements must be confirmed with the First-Vice President in advance and such reimbursement will be limited to the cost of the hotel.
Members are responsible to book and pay for their own accommodations. Please submit your hotel receipt with your expense claim form for reimbursement.
Funding for accommodations will only be granted for events scheduled for two (2) or more days; unless otherwise noted in the event brochure.
Accommodations will be reimbursed based on shared accommodations. Room share partners must be identified on your expense claim form. If you do not wish to share a standard room with another SUN member, SUN will reimburse you for half of the room cost.
Reimbursement for meal per diems will be determined through annual budget preparations.
Funding will not be provided for meals included in the event.
If staying in a hotel, any in-room dining charges must be reconciled upon check out.
Other expenses:
SUN Provincial will cover the cost of parking expenses; receipts must be a attached to your expense claim to be reimbursed.
Participants are encouraged to approach their SUN District Council or Local Executive for those expenses not covered by SUN Provincial.
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