Provincial Funding Details

As per Membership Policy 026-M-2007, approved funding to attend a Leadership Series workshop shall be limited to:

Eligible Members:

  • Local OH&S Representative or designate only.
  • Additional members may attend, if space permits, as locally funded or unfunded members.


  • SUN will provide funding for the actual day of the event you are attending.
  • Salary reimbursement shall be categorized as:
    • For scheduled shifts (paid Union Leaves): The Employer pays you directly and SUN reimburses your Employer for one shift per day of the event you are attending.
    • If attending on a day off, SUN Provincial pays you directly for 8 hours per day of attendance (a TD1 on file at SUN Provincial is required; forms are available from SUN Provincial).


  • Roundtrip kilometrage shall be paid to members who must travel in excess of 50 kms (one-way) at a rate determined annually by the Board of Directors in the budget. Carpooling is encouraged.
  • As per Membership Policy 026-M-2007, travel time will not be compensated.

Other expenses:

  • SUN Provincial will cover the cost of parking expenses; receipts must be attached to your expense claim to be reimbursed.
  • Participants are encouraged to approach their SUN District Council or Local Executive for those expenses not covered by SUN Provincial.


Please contact Janelle Ruhr, Office Assistant, at