Governance and Process


1. Purpose

The parties of this agreement recognize the need to engage in a collaborative partnership with a view to transforming the health care system in a manner that supports the principles of Better Health, Better Care, Better Value and Better Teams.

2. Membership

SUN: Donna Trainor, Executive Director, Rosalee Longmoore, President, Kelly Miner, Director of Labour Relations, Amber Alexe, Director of Patients & Families First & Government Relation

RHAs: Cheryl Craig, CEO, Five Hills Regional Health Authority; Marga Cugnet, CEO, Sun Country Regional Health Authority, Michael Higgins, VP Human Resources, Regina Qu’Appelle Regional Health Authority, Petrina McGrath, Chief Nursing Office and VP responsible for Practice and Education, Saskatoon Health Region.

* CEO designate: Richard Petit, CEO Keewatin Yatthe Regional Health Authority.

Ministry: Lauren Donnelly, Assistant Deputy Minister, (alternate Perry Martin), Lynn Digney Davis, Chief Nursing Officer, Nursing Secretariat, , Brad Havervold, Executive Director, Workforce Planning Branch, Lori Hutchison Hunter, Acting Executive Director, Risk and Relationship Management Branch

Patient representatives to be considered where appropriate at the Steering Committee and in Working Groups.

* Committee representation should be equitable.

NOTE: Resources will be brought to the table as necessary to complete identified work and/or work may be assigned to working groups.

3. Communication

The parties will agree on key messages at the conclusion of each meeting but will retain organizational autonomy to communicate. The Parties will endeavour to align their communication messages.

4. Frequency of Meetings

The parties will meet quarterly at a minimum and as required to complete the jointly developed workplan together.

The Ministry will act as a meeting facilitator and provide secretarial support including scheduling meetings, minutes and agendas.


The following processes will be used to help guide the partnership in how it works collaboratively.  Some of these processes will need to be developed and expanded.

  1. Evidence informed decision making should be through consensus building and utilization of the Guiding Principles from the Tripartite Agreement.
  2. We will be respectful and engage in civil disagreement if necessary.
  3. The parties agree to jointly develop a workplan to facilitate the objectives and principles of the Tripartite Agreement.
  4. Quality improvement processes – the parties agree a mechanism is required to manage quality improvement activities, especially those that impact nursing.  These issues can be brought to the Partnership table for discussion.
  5. Operational decision processes – that result in layoffs, redeployment and/or vacant nursing position(s) being abolished have the potential to create conflict.  The parties agree to look at additional processes, than those included in the collective agreement, to engage staff and communicate these decisions.
  6. Regular updates/measures and data will be shared at the Partnership Table.  This information will include SUN FTEs by health region, vacancy information, retirement data, sick time and wage driven premium time.
  7. Information from this table will be shared with the Joint Workforce Planning Committee (policy), the Labour Relations Leadership Team, regional health authority nursing leadership and the SUN Board, Local and District  Executives.
  8. Change management processes will be developed to help with the implementation of changes to the system for the purpose of improving patient care, better value and better teams.

It is noted that while decision-making authority and processes are clear for SUN and the Ministry, structure and process is yet to be determined for collective decision making among the Regional Health Authorities. In the interim, decisions that are within the purview of the VPs of HR will be referred to them for review and feedback. Decisions not within the purview of the VPs of HR will be taken to the Council of CEOS for review and feedback by RHA members of the Tripartite.

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