@SUNnurses President's Message

Wishing you all a joyous and peaceful holiday season, filled with family, friends and love.

Thank you to all the registered nurses, first responders and the entire health care team who will be working to keep Saskatchewan safe this holiday season. I think it’s also important to say, that it’s not only during the holiday season we count on you. Every single day of the year – 24/7 – the people of our province rely on all of you to care for our loved ones when they are at their most vulnerable. We could not do it without you. Thank you.
This time of year is also an opportunity for all of us to reflect on how we can give back. Giving is such an important part of life and so central to ensuring all of our communities are healthy and prosperous. When we raise each other up and commit to leaving no one behind, we all benefit. Nowhere is this more pronounced than in health care.
As registered nurses we have the privilege of seeing the direct and measurable positive impacts of working together to address the social determinants of health and health equity in our communities.  We understand that when people are no longer constrained by preventable or avoidable difficult life choices, they prosper. Food security, housing, education, stable employment, social safety and access to health services are just some of the challenges that affect the physical and psychological wellness of individuals and families in our communities.
I am so incredibly proud of the work SUN and our members have done this past year to tackle some of the most pressing social and health care challenges facing our province today. From leading the way in igniting critical conversations about our current youth mental health and HIV crises, to assisting individuals and organizations in need - from food banks to charities offering youth, community and family programing - our union is working to improve the lives of Saskatchewan people in every corner of the province.
I challenge you all to think about how you can also make a difference as an individual – not just this holiday season, but in the year ahead. Think about what you can do to change the life of someone in need and then act on it. Whether it be a donation such as money, warm winter clothing, food or baby supplies; or volunteering your time, a simple act of kindness, no matter how small, can go a long way to changing a life. This is really what the holiday season is all about. In fact, in my opinion, this is really what life is all about – caring for and loving each other is what makes us all human.  
In solidarity,
Tracy Zambory, RN
President, Saskatchewan Union of Nurses