May 2013 - The Power of the Collective

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and to share a little about what I am hoping to achieve as President of the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN).  

I know many of you may be wondering who I am what led me this new role.

My journey with SUN began in 1987, when I graduated from the Kelsey Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences as a Registered Nurse.   After graduation I worked a 30-bed long-term care facility in Stoughton until 2010 when I was elected to the role of SUN’s First Vice President.  I have always been actively involved in the important work SUN performs on behalf its members, the registered nursing profession and all Saskatchewan patients and families.  As a proud SUN member, I have also had the privilege of serving as a Local President, SUN District Council Chair and a Regional Representative over the course of my career.

The truth of the matter though, is that my belief in the principles and value of trade unionism in building a better society for all began long before I became a registered nurse.  I was raised on a farm in southeast Saskatchewan.  My parents taught me that people desire a hand up not a hand out and to always seek out the good in community.  My grandma, Violet taught me that what we want for ourselves we should also want for others.  She understood the importance and the power of the collective and how every person must exercise their individual democratic right to maintain a healthy and functioning society that leaves no one behind.  These values are my touchstone.

I have always believed in the power of the collective and in the important role both unions and registered nurses play in fighting for social justice and advocating for healthier communities.

Change is all around us – longstanding labour laws and trade unionism are being challenged both provincially and federally; Saskatchewan’s health care system is in the midst of a massive transformation and our profession is being gradually eroded as we fight to optimize the role of the registered nurse. These changes will drive my priorities over the course of my tenure.

I am committed to reconnecting with our membership, reinvigorating solidarity and to promoting the value of registered nurses being able to practice to their full scope of education and experience.

Now more than ever, we need to stand together to ensure we are able to meet the challenges of these changing times. I have seen that when faced with change; SUN members have shown incredible flexibility, resilience and most importantly solidarity, so I am confident we are ready.

It is truly an honour to accept this new challenge.  I look forward to working with the Board of Directors, dedicated political leadership in every local and SUN District Council, talented SUN staff and all of our labour and health care partners and stakeholders to achieve our collective goals.

Together we can realize SUN’s organizational vision of Healthy Members, Healthy Union, Healthy Communities.


Tracy Zambory, RN