The Saskatchewan Health Employees Pension Plan (SHEPP) is a defined benefit plan covering 30,000 healthcare workers. The SHEPP Pension is based on a pension formula, age and years of service. All permanent part-time and full-time employees must enroll in the SHEPP Plan.  The SHEPP Plan is cost shared by SUN members and Employers.

Casual or temporary employees, who work either 700 hours in each of two consecutive years of 760 hours in the previous calendar, have the option to enroll in the pension plan. Employees who take leaves of absence can buy back that period of pensionable service upon their return from their leave of absence.

The SHEPP Pension Plan provides an early retirement benefit when a plan member’s age, plus years they have paid into the pension plan, equals 80.  For the purposes of eligibility for all benefit plans – all hours worked in the SUN provincial bargaining unit shall be combined.

SHEPP Board of Directors Meeting Summaries