Executive Overshight Committee

It is important to recognize that not all issues may be resolved through low level resolution approaches and at times, the Joint Nursing Advisory Committee, will exhaust all options available to them in an effort to resolve issues concerning patient safety or safe nursing practice.

The Executive Oversight Committee exists to provide senior level support and oversight for the Joint Nursing Advisory Committees. The Executive Oversight Committee is to provide guidance on the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Joint NAC process. In addition, the Executive Oversight Committee shall assist in removing barriers to success.

There are (3) primary streams or mechanisms which warrant an issue being forwarded to the Executive Oversight Committee:

  1. A trending issue.
  2. The Joint NAC has exhausted all options in an attempt to resolve the issue.
  3. Through the Joint NAC the parties agree to disagree on how to resolve an issue.

When referring an item to the Executive Oversight Committee, it is recommended the parties submit a joint referral, in writing, and shall include:

  1. identification and analysis of the issue in the form of a Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendations Tool (SBAR);
  2. one recommendation from each party for resolve; and
  3. the SBAR, supporting materials, information, data, etc., for review.

If there is no resolve following the Executive Oversight Committee’s recommendation, or resolution to the issue is beyond scope of the Executive Oversight Committee, then the issue can be referred to the Board of the Employer (Health Region) by either party.

Please refer to the Executive Oversight Committee Terms of Reference, for additional information on preparing a referral to the Committee.

Independent Assessment Committee

Under Article 57.14 of the SUN/SAHO Collective Agreement, SUN retains the ability to advance an issue to an Independent Assessment Committee, should the response from the Board of the Employer be unsatisfactory.