Proposed Amendments to SALPN Bylaws


Today (April 17, 2015), SUN forwarded correspondence to Lindsay Nair, SALPN Executive Director, concerning the proposed amendments to the SALPN bylaws currently posted to their website.  In addition, SUN also sent our feedback and concerns regarding the draft decision-making framework and the draft practice guidelines, also available on their website.
While SUN acknowledges that there has been significant progress over the past several months in developing bylaws that respect the education and experience of the RNs, LPNs and RPNs, we strongly believe that more important work and development is needed around role clarity, practice guidelines and the decision-making framework and how these changes are going to translate into practice. 
SUN maintains the position that in order for this important work to take place, and to ensure patients receive the highest possible quality of care, it is crucial that no practice changes are made until‎ all interpretive and practice documents are finalized and agreed to.
Letter to SALPN re: SUN's comments concerning amendments to SALPN bylaws (April 17)

SRNA & RPNAS Annual Meetings

As SRNA and RPNAS members you have the right and the ability to participate in your regulatory bodies' Annual Meetings. This is a great opportunity for you to bring your direct care experience and perspective into the discussion.
SUN members provide a valuable lens about registered nurse practice from the perspective of the direct care provider. Your voice on what would make a difference to you in your practice are important messages for SRNA and RPNAS to hear and understand.
To support and encourage our members in attending the SRNA or RPNAS Annual Meetings, SUN will be providing funding in order for members to attend their respective regulatory bodies Annual Meetings.
For additional details and to apply for funding to attend the SRNA Annual Meeting (May 6), please click here.
For additional details and to apply for funding to attend the RPNAS Annual Meeting (June 5), please click here.

Funding to attend the SRNA or RPNAS Annual Meeting is limited to: salary, travel, hotel accommodations, meals and parking (if required).  Registration fees to attend the Annual Meetings is not included in your provincial funding.