SUN Leadership

SUN's Leadership consists of three levels:

A group of SUN members who join together become a local. For the most part, a local is facility- or agencybased.  Local members elect a local executive. The local executive is responsible for communicating with members, both to inform members of local and provincial union activities, and to act on issues and concerns expressed by the members. The local executive meets with your employer to resolve contract violations, nursing practice issues and other local issues.
SUN District Council
In 1993, the Saskatchewan Government created health districts. SUN District Councils (SDCs) were created to enable communication among the locals contained within each health district. This body also worked on resolving mutual concerns with their common employer.  The government disbanded health districts and created regional health authorities. The membership decided to maintain the SDC structure. Each local elects a member to represent their concerns at SUN District Council meetings. One of these members is elected as Chairperson of the SDC. SDC chairpersons meet three times a year with the SUN Board of Directors.
The SUN Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is responsible for managing the affairs of the Union, including allocating finances; enforcing SUN policies; directing Negotiating Committees; establishing procedures concerning collective agreements and strikes; hiring senior staff; establishing committees and any other Union business. Board members are elected for a two-year term.