Local Executive Tool Kit

With the transition from 12 separate health regions and employers to one single provincial structure, it is crucial for SUN to be one consistent and strong voice in advocating for our members rights and the safety of the patients we care for.

What was once a successful process in our individual health regions, may no longer produce the same results under the new Saskatchewan Health Authority. Taking a focused, consistent and strategic approach to addressing member concerns, will be key in protecting our collective rights.

Our Local Executives play a vital role in protecting those rights and advocating for their fellow SUN members. Ensuring you have the tools and support in place to protect the rights of your members is crucial.

To provide you with that support, we have developed a Local Executive Tool Kit to support and guide Executive members in representing and addressing concerns raised by their members.

Local Executive Tool Kit  NOTE: This file is best printed double-sided.

Grievance Flow Chart

Member Issues Form

Member Issues Investigation Form

Labour Relations (LR) File Transfer Memo

SUN Publications Order Form