Shift Options Kit

The Shift Options Kit describes the process for a SUN local to use when members determine they want to adopt an optional scheduling arrangement.

In addition, there are guidelines/tips for checking a master schedule (also known as a master rotation), when optional scheduling arrangements are implemented or if/when the Employer changes an existing master schedule.

It is management's overall responsibility to develop the master schedule. However, as the individuals working on the unit/facility/agency, registered nurses often have a better understanding of the circumstances that would create a schedule that is agreeable to both the Employer and the members. 

The Shift Options Kit applies to the SUN/SAHO, SUN/Extendicare and SUN/All Nations Healing Hospital Collective Agreements, and has been developed to assist members and Locals in understanding the shift options afforded to them under their Collective Agreement, and how to review master schedules. Individuals or a group of SUN members looking to make changes to their shift option for their unit/facility/agency, should speak to their Local Executive to discuss their options and the appropriate process and procedure.

NOTE: Once SUN members have made a request to the Employer, shift options shall only be implemented with the approval of the Employer. Both parties, SUN and the Employer, must be in agreement to implement any shift option. Any option may be terminated by either party with ninety (90) days notice

Local Executives, who have received a request to access the shift options under their Collective Agreement, are encouraged to follow up with their Employment Relations Officer (ERO) at SUN Provincial to ensure the terms of the Collective Agreement have been met.

Shift Options Kit
Voters Check List
Pro-Forma Letters re: Shift Option

Pro-Forma Letter re: Termination