POWER Conference

Understanding and harnessing the professional, legislative and collective power of Registered Nurses (RNs) and Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPNs) is key to ensuring positive patient outcomes – especially during a time of constant change.

Power is necessary to be able to influence policy, drive change and shape the future for our patients, our practice and health care in Saskatchewan. Nurses need to use their power to be able to build a roadmap for positive change by being proud and vigilant advocates for our patients and upholding our professional standards, competencies and code of ethics.

As a profession we need to embrace and employ our uniquely powerful voice. Together we have a powerful voice – and as experts in patient care and the single largest group of direct care providers in the system, we have a voice and perspective no one else has.

The Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN), Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association (SRNA) and Registered Psychiatric Nurses Association of Saskatchewan (RPNAS) are looking to breakdown barriers, renew relationships and gain a better understanding of the challenges we are all facing as a means to work together and rebuild our nursing power.

This one-day educational event is an opportunity for frontline and out-of-scope RNs, RPNs and NPs to align our voices, to work together and gain a better understanding of our legislative, regulatory and collective power to speak up and speak out in our workplaces. Our goal is to provide all registered nurses – regardless of their position – with the confidence to act as leaders by using the tools and knowledge available to uphold and shape their professional practice and impact positive patient outcomes.

At POWER Conference:
  • Learn from keynote speaker Janet Rankin of the University of Calgary's Faculty of Nursing. Janet will address the role of the registered nurse in a collaborative healthcare environment, and leave you with the skills and tools to address issues in your workplace. 
  • Hear from the leaders of SUN, SRNA, and RPNAS, who will share the challenges they facing in the current healthcare climate.
  • Watch and listen to video testimonials detailing the obstacles frontline nurses face and receive guidance from each organization. Then use what you've heard to examine case studies from right here in Saskatchewan. 
  • Share your experiences in the current environment. You have the ears of your colleagues, your union and your regulatory body -- together in one room. It's time to speak up!

All members of the SRNA, RPNAS, and SUN, regardless of domain of practice. 


THURSDAY, NOV. 21 - Saskatoon
World Trade Centre at Prairieland Park
Lunch provided

TUESDAY, DEC. 3 - Regina
Queensbury Convention Centre
Lunch provided


Registration Deadlines: 

Saskatoon - November 14 at 1200 hours
Regina - November 26 at 1200 hours


Click here to register. 


There is no registration fee associated with this event.

FUNDING (for SUN members only): 

To be eligible for funding from SUN Provincial, members must register as a SUN Member.


SUN members registered by the established deadline will be entitled to the following funding:

  • $150 stipend (lost wages and union leave will not be reimbursed)

  • Mileage in excess of 50 km one-way

Hotel accommodations and meals will not be reimbursed by SUN Provincial.


Please feel free to contact Janelle Ruhr, SUN Office Assistant, at janelle.ruhr@sun-nurses.sk.ca if you have any questions regarding registration.