Workplace Safety - Know Your Rights

Every worker has the right to know, to participate and to refuse. These three fundamental rights are included in the Saskatchewan Employment Act, Part III - Occupational Health and Safety

The Right to Know

  • Every worker has a right to be told about specific hazards in their workplace.
  • Every worker should be instructed about the safety precautions they need to take to protect themselves.
  • New workers must receive orientation regarding health and safety in their workplace which, would include the hazards they may encounter in their work.

The Right to Participate

  • Workers have a right to participate in the health and safety program at their workplace. This right is best seen in the form of a Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee in the workplace that has workers and managers working together to ensure the workplace is safe.
  • Every worker can participate in health and safety by reporting potential hazards and following safe work practices.

The Right to Refuse

  • In Saskatchewan, workers have a right to refuse work that may be dangerous. If you are being asked to perform a job that you feel is dangerous, the Part III Section 31 of the Saskatchewan Employment Act provides a way for you to exercise your right to refuse the unsafe work.