Decision Making Structure

SUN's Decision Making Structure

Constitution Article 4: Governing Body

  • The governing body of the Union shall be a general meeting of the Union and all policies, rules and regulations enacted shall bind all members, chartered locals, SUN District Councils, committees and directors of the Union.
  • A general meeting includes annual meeting, bargaining conference or special meeting. 

Annual Meeting

  • Allows all nurses to have a voice.
  • Place where decisions are made regarding Constitutional and Bylaw amendments, policy and financial matters.
  • Opportunity to discuss current issues related to nursing practice, and items for consideration related to negotiations.

Constitution – Article 5 – Board of Directors

  • The affairs and activities of the Union shall be managed and administered by an elected Board of Directors between annual meetings.

Governance: Document Hierarchy


  • A body of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is acknowledged to be governed.
  • You can review the Constitution here.


  • Set of rules made by a company, organization or society to control the actions of its members.
  • You can review the Bylaws here.

Positions Statements

  • A written statement outlining where an individual or organization stands on a topic in a variety of areas like policy, literature, ethics and legislation.
  • You can review the Position Statements here.

Board & Membership Policies

  • A course or principle of action adopted by a government, organization, business, or individual.
  • You can review the Policies here.