At the core of SUN’s strength is our elected leadership – it is their compassion for others, the dedication to protecting the professional and workplace rights of the members, and their commitment to ensuring the safety of patients, that makes our union strong.

How do we make our union stronger? We unite, and we conquer.

At each level of leadership, we each take on key components of providing member and union support and guidance. But with so many moving parts, it can be difficult to know whose job it is to take on which role. The following is a brief overview of key roles Locals, the Board of Directors and SUN Staff play in addressing member concerns.

Local Executive

  • Welcomes new members into SUN.
  • Administers the affairs of the Locals.
  • First point of contact for member concerns.
  • Conducts investigation into concerns raised by members.
  • Conducts initial, informal meetings with Employer to resolve issues.
  • Works with SUN Staff to escalate member concerns at appropriate stages.

Board of Directors

  • Responsible for the governance and finances of the Union.
  • Sets the strategic direction of the Union on an annual basis.
  • Sets key bargaining priorities for contract negotiations.
  • Provides support and guidance to Locals regarding day-to-day functions of the Local.
  • Maintains communication with the Locals to whom they represent.

SUN Staff

  • Provides guidance to Locals regarding nursing concerns and day-to-day functions of the Local.
  • Supports Locals in escalating members concerns at the appropriate stages.
  • Represents and protects the best interests and rights of members, with the Employer, at the appropriate stages.