Wellness Spotlight

Healthy Members: Wellness Spotlight Series

As registered nurses we are experts on caring for others, but when it comes to taking care of our own mental health and well-being, our needs take a back seat.

As health care professionals we are already facing burn out, increased stress and anxiety due the increase in demand on the health care system and the acuity of patients. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic those demands and our personal stress levels and anxieties have increased expotentially.

Functioning under high levels of stress and anxiety has become normalized in today's society and health system. This culture can make it difficult to recognize our own stressors and/or anxiety triggers in our own lives - both professionally and personally - or remember how to manage our own stress, anxiety, or depression. The truth is - it is not right, it is not healthy, and it is time we lifted the stigma around mental health and took the time to address our own well-being.

This page has been built to provide SUN members with resources, tips, tools and suggestions for managing their mental health and wellbeing. To access the information collected, simply click on the category below. 



As information, recources and support services become available, this page will be updated. Please check back frequently.