Leadership Series

Local Presidents Workshop: Resolving Member Concerns

November 21  |  Radisson Hotel, Saskatoon

November 22  |  Delta Hotel, Regina

With the transition from 12 separate health regions and employers to one single provincial structure, it is crucial for SUN to be one consistent and strong voice in advocating for our members rights and the safety of the patients we care for.

What was once a successful process in our individual health regions, may no longer produce the same results under the new Saskatchewan Health Authority. Taking a focused, consistent and strategic approach to addressing member concerns, will be key in protecting our collective rights. Our Local Executives play a vital role in protecting those rights and advocating for their fellow SUN members.

Taking on a Local Executive position can be overwhelming at first; especially during a time of change. This workshop has been developed to streamline SUN’s processes for addressing member concerns, as well as assist SUN Locals in understanding and navigating their role in representing members under the new provincial structure.


This workshop is designed for Local Presidents or designate.

Requests for additional members of the Local Executive to attend may be submitted to Janelle Ruhr, Office Assistant ; however, approval of such requests will be based on space available.


Radisson Hotel
10:30 am – 4:00 pm
Lunch provided

Delta Regina Hotel
10:30 am – 4:00 pm
Lunch provided


Provincial funding will be provided to Local Presidents or designate only. Funding will be limited to wages*, mileage in excess of 50 kms one-way, and parking.

Click here to view the funding specifics.

** Members requiring a leave of absence are encouraged to submit their requests for union leave in advance of the registration deadline.




Registration deadline: 1200 hours on November 9, 2018


Please contact Janelle Ruhr, Office Assistant at janelle.ruhr@sun-nurses.sk.ca