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Health Innovation Summit

When: September 25, 2019 - 10:30 am – 4:30 pm

Location: Queensbury Convention Centre, Regina, SK


Mental Health & Addictions: Addressing A Crisis

In 2017 & 2018, the Health Innovation Summit initiated new approaches to creative problem solving, inspired honest conversations about difficult social issues, and applied innovative thinking and technology to improve the patient care experience. For 2019, the Health Innovation Summit will shift to a more focused, solution-driven conversation on the intersection of mental health and addictions.

The 2019 Summit will host a variety of speakers who share their own experiences with mental health and addictions, as well as insights on how we can address a growing need around mental health and addictions services in Saskatchewan.

Keynote speaker, NHL Champion, Theo Fleury, will share his personal story of a troubled childhood, abuse and coping with emotional pain through addictive, self-destructive behaviours, and how he overcame those obstacles to devote his life to helping others gain mental health and addictions support.

The aim of the Health Innovation Summit is to share ideas and build on collaborative relationships – once again the Summit will showcase innovative work happening here in Saskatchewan, as well as to provide participants with the opportunity to take part in a full-day hackathon.

Led by Adam McInnes, the 2019 Summit will also bring back the incredibly popular Med.Hack(+) Hackathon - a creative problem-solving approach that brings together healthcare professionals, students, entrepreneurs, system leaders, and technology creators, to work in interdisciplinary teams that build solutions to problems in healthcare identified by their peers.

Visit https://healthsummit.ca/ to learn more and register.

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