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Member Information Session: Making Sense of Staffing and Workload

When: June 16, 2022

Location: Virtual


Staffing and workload represent the largest volume of concerns impacting professional practice and limit a registered nurse's ability to provide safe and high-quality registered nursing care. Why? Because inadequate staffing and impossible workloads create an inability to provide care that aligns with legislation, regulatory, professional, and organizational obligations. 

However, by using the SUN collective agreements to their full measure, we can ensure work environments are supportive and focused on registered nurses and patient safety.

On Thursday, June 16, 2022, join SUN for a Professional Practice Member Session focused on understanding staffing and workload within the context of our professional practice obligations and collective bargaining agreements. Two session times are available and each is scheduled for one hour. 

Member Sessions - June 16

Session A  |  12:00-13:00  |  CLICK HERE TO REQUEST A LINK TO JOIN

Session B  |  20:00-21:00  |  CLICK HERE TO REQUEST A LINK TO JOIN

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