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Power Conference

When: December 14, 2023

Location: Virtual

Labour and Practice

A voice is a tool that transports us into a future with more possibilities and more solutions.  It’s our strongest tool for standing up for what’s right, rather than what is easy.

No two voices are the same, each voice has something different to say, a different viewpoint and a different approach to issues – but each voice is equally valued and deserves to be heard. Voices encourage, unite and support each other.

Our voices can create change – we cannot allow others to silence us. For when we do, the power of our voice and the strength of our community is weakened, our value is diminished and our knowledge is disregarded.

The 2023 Power Conference will focus on giving our voices strength through teamwork and solidarity, advocating for change in the practice environment and putting pressure on key decision-makers.

Join us for the virtual Power Conference on December 14, 2023, from 0900 – 1600 to learn how to give your voice power.



Funding Opportunities

The Power Conference has a total of 200 provincially funded seats to offer. As per Membership Policy 065-M-2023, due to the virtual presentation of this event, compensation will be limited to salary.

To be eligible for funding, members must:

  1. Request funding no later than 12:00 on November 30, 2023

  2. Select "Requesting Provincial Funding" on the registration form.

Note: all other registrant categories will not be included in the funding assignment


Funding will be assigned by random draw. The draw will be conducted on December 1, 2023; all applicants will be advised of the results of the draw.

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