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Professional Practice Member Sessions: Critical Needs for Long-term Care

When: January 25, 2023

Location: Virtual

Labour and Practice

Long-term care has been overcome with professional practice concerns, staffing deficits, and excessive workload which prevent registered nurses from providing appropriate resident care. 

Residents deserve the same quality and quantity of healthcare services and care as any other patient within our healthcare system. 

SUN members working in long-term care are invited to attend virtual professional practice information sessions. Members working in the NORTH networks and SASKATOON are to attend the January 25 sessions. Members working in the SOUTH networks and Regina are to attend the January 26 sessions. 

Information sessions will take place virtually via Zoom at 12:00 and 20:00 on January 25 (North/Saskatoon) and January 26 (South/Regina).

These sessions are specifically for members working in long-term care. 

Members will receive links to the information sessions by email. If you do not receive your link, please email SUN Communications at sun.communications@sun-nurses.sk.ca

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