SUN Submission to Advisory Panel on Health System Structure

On behalf of SUN’s Board of Directors, almost 10,000 registered nurses in Saskatchewan and the people of the province, the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN) has submitted their response to the Advisory Panel on Health System Structure on September 26, 2016.

As the single largest group of direct patient care providers in the system, SUN believes the province’s frontline registered nursing workforce offers a unique perspective on the potential challenges and opportunities that may be encountered over the course of health care restructuring.

As is noted in the submission, SUN believes that health system structure re-design should:

  • be based on a rigorous analysis and prioritization of broader health system goals;
  • design administrative, governance, and service-delivery structures to meet current and expected future population health and patient health care needs, with a view to appropriate administrative and clinical/care integration;
  • balance the desire for greater consistency and coordination with the ability to provide services that remain accessible, accountable, responsive, and connected to the unique needs of the communities and sub-populations we serve; and
  • include the province-wide application of a consistent data collection system for tracking patient and patient care outcomes to ensure we are meeting our quality and safety objectives in care delivery.

SUN and our 10,000 registered nurse members share your commitment to building a strong, sustainable health care system that will ensure the effective and efficient delivery of high quality, safe patient care to all people in Saskatchewan.

SUN remains available to meet with the Advisory Panel in order to discuss our submission and how we can be of assistance during this time of great transformational change.

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