2017 Health Innovation Summit: Inspiring Tomorrow’s Healthcare

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Regina, November 15, 2017: Sparking innovative thinking to improve how Saskatchewan’s patients experience their health system is uniting over 320, community and health leaders, frontline care providers, patients, educators, students and technology entrepreneurs at the Queensbury Convention Centre in Regina today.

Inspired by the imminent move from 12 provincial health regions to a single health authority on December 4, 2017, the 2017 Health Innovation Summit: Inspiring Tomorrow’s Healthcare will be the first of its kind in Saskatchewan. By uniting health stakeholders from a broad cross-section of communities and sectors in the province, the Summit aims to motivate innovative thinking and creative problem-solving through collective community involvement.

“Everyone in Saskatchewan has a vested interest in our health system and a shared ownership in its success, and we should all have an opportunity to help shape its future,” says SUN President Tracy Zambory “This summit creates a space for groups that traditionally wouldn’t be together in the same room at the same time to unite around the common purpose of improving the patient experience in our province’s often overwhelmingly complicated health system.”  

Representatives from Alberta Health Services will share lessons from their province’s transition to a single health authority in 2009, while the rest of the agenda aims to stimulate big-picture thinking and collaboration. Presentations and panel discussions ranging from how to harness new technologies to improve health care delivery to engaging patients, employers and direct care providers in collaborative problem-solving will round out the agenda before delegates participate in a world café-style afternoon of idea-sharing about the future of Saskatchewan’s health system.  

“Throughout my many years of nursing, I have learned that patients, residents, clients and families--and the public at large--expect nurses to provide leadership to improving healthcare and the system, including ensuring that we continue to strive for a system that is patient/family centred,” says Dr. Marlene Smadu, RN EdD, Summit Steering Committee Chair. “Everyone who has a stake in health care in Saskatchewan has a role to play in moving evidence into action, creating innovation and improving care and the system everyday.  The Summit is the beginning of a collaborative journey that I know will result in better care and a better system--very exciting!”

Proceedings will kick-off at 10:30AM with greetings from the Hon. Jim Reiter, Saskatchewan Minister of Health, and will close with remarks from Dick Carter, Chair of the new Saskatchewan Health Authority.

The 2017 Health Innovation Summit: Inspiring Tomorrow’s Healthcare Steering Committee includes: Dr. Marlene Smadu, RN EdD (Committee Chair); Tracy Zambory, RN, President, Saskatchewan Union of Nurses; Dr. david Gregory,RN, PhD, Dean, Faculty of Nursing, University of Regina; Dr. David McCutcheon, Vice-President, RQHR; Joanne Petersen, RN, President, SRNA; Victor Thomas, Madmin. C.Di, President, Global Bridgeway; Dr. Ayman Aboguddah, Cardiologist; Craig Bell, COO, Executive VP Assets, Portfolio Manager, Investment Group; Sanj Signh, MBA, President, LMI and Bruce Willis, Partner, KPMG.

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