SUN Response to Strom Appeal Decision

As the provincial union representing more than 10,000 front-line registered nurses in Saskatchewan, we are in a state of disbelief regarding Justice Currie of the Saskatchewan Court of the Queen’s Bench’s decision to uphold the SRNA Discipline Committee's verdict concerning the Carolyn Strom case.

While our organization and legal team still need time for an in-depth review of the judgment, our initial reaction to this decision is one of shock and disappointment. We believe t his does not bode well for any profession within Canada, and maintain this is a slippery slope to continued erosion of our individual rights as Canadians and professionals to freedom of expression. Furthermore, we believe this decision will embolden and afford an absurd amount of leeway for regulatory bodies to delve into the personal lives of individuals beyond their workplaces.

It is important to note there is an appeal process and that matters of such importance are frequently only settled at the Supreme Court level. SUN is committed to protecting the personal lives of all registered nurses and health professionals in Canada.