The SFL Convention is set for October 24-27 in Regina at the Queensbury Convention Centre. All SUN delegates attending the Convention must be registered by SUN Provincial in order to receive their credentials.

SUN members interested in attending the SFL Convention must apply through SUN Provincial, using the online application form, by noon on July 13; the selection and allocation of funded seats to attend the Convention, is outlined below.

As per Board Policy 017-B-2007 (Convention Delegate Selection), funding to the SFL Convention is as follows:

  • Funded Delegates Selection
    • All Board Members
    • SUN members on SFL committees and allotted youth delegates
    • SUN committee chairs or designate
    • One representative from each District Council
  • The remaining delegate seats shall be awarded to the general membership and selection shall be by random selection. If a space becomes available through withdrawal of a delegate, then that empty space shall be allocated by random selection.

Youth delegates are any SUN members under the age of 29 years and SUN allocates three (3) designated spots for those members. If you are submitting an application as a youth delegate, be sure to select that option on the form.

Funding to convention (as per Membership Policy 015-M-2007) provides the following:

  • registration fee (registration done by SUN office)
  • income continuance or salary for days off (maximum 8 hours/day)
  • mileage
  • shared accommodations
  • required meals not covered in the registration

After the deadline, any unfilled funded seats will be distributed through the applications from the general membership.
If you have any questions, please contact Denise Dick at

If Locals or SDCs plan to fund members to the SFL Convention, then these members must be registered through the SUN Provincial Office. Please send an email to Denise Dick at to advise of members that are being funded by a Local or SDC.

If any members are interested in participating on an SFL Committee, the approval of SUN is required before those members names are submitted to the SFL (as per Board Policy 008-B-2007). Participation on an SFL Committee is completely optional. Members are under no obligation to submit their name for a committee.

The SUN Board of Directors will review the members names submitted. Following the approval process, the SFL will be notified by SUN of which members have approval from SUN to participate on SFL Committees. Those members will also receive notification from SUN.

There will NOT be an opportunity for member approval by SUN at, or during, the SFL Convention. Application to SUN for approval must be made by the deadline noted above.