In June, the Board of Directors met for two (2) days in Saskatoon, in addition to holding their biannual meeting with SDC Chairs. The following is a summary of the Board's financial and business decisions.

Board Meeting

Business Decisions:

  •  The Board approved the President's vacation - July 12 to August 12
  • The Board approved the 2019 Strategic Direction and Goals (see below).

Financial Donations:

  • The Board approved the following donations:
    • OutSaskatoon and UR Pride for Camp fYrefly $1000
    • Kids Help Phone $2000
    • Unemployed Workers Help Center $1000
    • Wounded Warriors Weekend Foundation $2500

Board/SDC Meeting 

  • Executive Director, Donna Trainor, presented SUN's Environmental Scan & 2019 Strategic Plan.


Leverage the strength and innovation of registered nurses and SUN to positively shape transformational and system changes for the betterment of safe patient care.


Goal 1:  Member activation.

  • Members are informed

  • Members are engaged

  • Members identify issues

  • Members are organized

  • Members collectively speak up and speak out

Goal 2: SUN is the voice of health care in the province.

  • SUN is the recognized advocate upholding safe patient care

  • SUN is the voice of nursing innovation

Goal 3: SUN is the critical partner in shaping successful transformational change.

  • SUN is the leader in applied evidence-based research and innovation

  • SUN is the leader in clinical practice

  • SUN consistently leads the health care team

  • SUN will shape its own future

Goal 4: SUN is a collaborative and vital partner with the SRNA and RPNAS.

  • SUN will create collaborative opportunities with SRNA and RPNAS

  • Registered nurses are able to advocate and practice excellence in standards of care

  • Reporting session from SDC Chairpersons on District issues facilitated by President Tracy Zambory and Donna Trainor Executive Director

  • An educational from SUNs Leadership Education Series for Board of Directors and Sun District Council members were presented by Tracy Zambory President and Donna Trainor Executive Director of SUN

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