Registered nurses are proud to stand with our physician and pharmacist colleagues, united in our call for additional measures to be taken now to curb the spread of COVID-19.
As doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, our first duty is to keep people safe. But we know that pain comes in many forms beyond the direct effect of COVID-19: lost income, anxiety, depression, a sense that the world has been yanked out of its orbit. People are wondering whether we will ever see the end of restrictions on education, commerce, movement, and social interaction. It is discouraging to see new outbreaks when the end seemed in sight. We all need normal.
We believe three measures are essential to drive the numbers down again and allow the fullest possible resumption of normal activities. Importantly, they are all essential – think of them as the three pillars that support the entire containment structure.

  1. Mandatory masks in indoor public spaces extended throughout Saskatchewan.
  2. Targeted closing of bars and nightclubs until the surge is blunted.
  3. Redouble efforts to test and trace.

CLICK HERE to read the joint objectives the group made public today