Exciting news!

Before you hear it from someone else, I wanted you to be the first to know: Linda Silas, President of the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions, will be running for the position of President of the Canadian Labour Congress at its constitutional convention in Vancouver this May.

There is no one better to lead our national house of labour than Linda.

Linda has been at the helm of provincial and national nurses’ unions for thirty years. We know and love Linda for her passion, energy and deep commitment to making a difference for workers and everyone in Canada.

Among many accomplishments, Linda’s advocacy for national pharmacare led the CLC to adopt the campaign three years ago and has brought the federal government to the threshold of implementing it. There is no one better to bring home this historic expansion of our public health care than Linda.

The CFNU’s National Executive Board will be meeting shortly to discuss the details of Linda’s leadership bid, but we are united in the belief that as CLC President Linda will re-energize the labour movement, connecting with members and workers across the country.

It has been 37 years since CLC has had a woman president and Canada’s nurses’ unions are proud to support a true feminist leader who has shown her commitment and skill over decades of service.

I encourage you to spread this exciting news. Please forward this message on and stay tuned for updates. We will be working hard to support Linda in the next few months. Get involved and consider joining us at the CLC convention in May to make history. 

For now, you can get in the loop by signing up for CFNU email updates. You can also follow Linda on Twitter and Facebook.


In solidarity,

Tracy Zambory, RN

SUN President


P.S. Find out more about the CLC convention here: https://canadianlabour.ca/who-we-are/conventions/