SUN Provincial knows that SUN members have questions regarding the SHA Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination Policy Directive – SUN has many outstanding questions as well. 

On October 7th, SUN's Executive Director wrote to the SHA outlining urgent questions, the majority of which remain unanswered. SUN has reserved all rights under the collective agreement, including the right to file a grievance(s) if appropriate. 

Today, SUN received additional information regarding the cost of the monitored testing program. According to the SHA, the monitored program will cost employees $225 per month. 

SUN had previously been advised that the SHA would accept Declarations after October 15th – and has now been informed that the deadline is 0800 on October 16th. The Declaration is not binding, and members can change their minds leading up to the November program implementation. 

Please read the excerpt from the SHA Daily Rounds below:

"|COVID-19| Monitored testing program to cost $225 per month

Development continues on the monitored testing program to support the Proof of Full COVID-19 Vaccination policy directive. The cost of this program is now finalized. Team members who agree to enter into the program will be charged $225 per month, which covers the cost of supplies and staff required to implement this solution. Alternatively, there is no charge to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine.

More details on the testing program will be shared as they are known. Team members will receive advance notice before charges begin.

Reminder: Self-declaration forms will continue to be accepted until 8 a.m. Oct. 16. Declarations are not binding; you will be able to change your mind prior to the November program implementation." - SHA Daily Rounds, October 14, 2021

SUN is following up with the SHA and will continue to share new information with members as it becomes available. SUN continues to review the Policy Directive. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Employment Relations Officer at 1-800-667-7060 (Regina) or 1-800-667-3294 (Saskatoon). 

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