Update on the SHA’s Proof of Full COVID-19 Vaccination Policy Directive

SUN has received new information regarding the Saskatchewan Health Authority's (SHA) Proof of Full COVID-19 Vaccination policy directive. 

The SHA has advised that employees who did not complete a declaration are not being asked to complete one. Instead, these employees will be asked via email to confirm with their manager that they are aware of the policy directive. 

The SHA has also advised that the $225/month fee is not attributed directly to purchasing tests and rather is intended by the SHA to cover the cost of the team that will be validating compliance by reviewing proof of vaccination, tracking and following up on accommodation requests, and carrying out the monitored testing program. The SHA has not yet determined how the monthly fee would be collected but has mentioned payroll deduction. 

The SHA advised today (October 19) that the monitored testing program will include an education component (but did not provide details). Individuals will be expected to test and submit a picture of the applicator with the date/time noted on it, together with a declaration of the result and stating whether they are symptomatic or asymptomatic on Sundays/Tuesdays/Thursdays to a secure MyConnection site. 
Finally, today the SHA advised that it would have a staggered implementation date, with in-scope employees being required to comply starting November 15, 2021.  

SUN continues to receive information regarding the SHA COVID-19 Proof of Full Vaccination policy directive in small amounts and only minutes before it is relayed in the SHA Daily Rounds.  SUN is working hard to gather more information and to review what has been provided.  

Be assured that SUN has many concerns and questions that are being pursued.

If you have any questions, please contact your Local President or a SUN Employment Relations Officer (1-800-667-7060 in Regina and 1-800-667-3294 in Saskatoon). 


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