November 30, 2022

SUN wishes to advise members of two important changes to the Disability Income Plan that are effective immediately.

  1. 3sHealth now accepts the Attending Physician Initial Statement forms and ongoing medical from Nurse Practitioners, without restrictions, when applying for disability income plan benefits. This change will replace the current policy of limiting attending physician statements from a Nurse Practitioner to a period of eight weeks.
  2. Vacation pay, time-in-lieu pay, and statutory holiday pay, earned and banked by the employee prior to their date of disability and paid by the employer in a lump sum after the date of disability, will no longer be used as an offset and will not reduce disability income benefits payable to a plan member on an approved disability claim. This change will replace the current practice of allowing a one-time lump sum payout to an employee from the employer while on an approved disability claim.

The Disability Income Application at a Glance brochure and the 3sHealth Long-term Disability Plan booklet for SUN have been updated and are available on the 3sHealth website here: Employee Benefit Plans | 3sHealth




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